If you have made it here, it is because you are like us. You are a retail investor, or as we like to call it an un-institutional investor.


The un-institutional investor world is a realm of millions of usernames, Twitter handles and bots, damn bots! We are all from different backgrounds with a multitude of reasons for entering the investing world with our own war stories to tell. Inspired by our own recent war story, much like millions of you, we wanted to take the short squeeze of 2021 and ensure it is not forgotten.


So that is why you are here, at the $hort $queeze $ocial ($.$.$), a website set up by a couple of regular Joe’s with a keen interest for investing, especially retail investing. We make a little profit here and there, undoubtedly followed by our own bit of bag holding. The $hort $queeze $ocial aims to be a collaborative community that shows support and solidarity for investors like us, the little guy.


Take a look around our products, each designed by investors like you. Wear your $hort $queeze $ocial clothing with pride and when you see someone else in the street wearing it too, you can look at each other and think “we were there”. Tell your mother, lover, dog or boss about us, we want to hear from you, the people.


We’ve just started but we are aiming to become something much larger but for now we are the little guy in the online world too! If you want to express your feelings over the short squeeze uprising let us know.


We want to know what you feel. Send in your artwork and if the people like it (we don’t decide) we can work with you to get it uploaded to the community Merch store. If it’s in words, head over to our blog page, where we will be uploading articles from authors and investors like you. We want to know your views on the short squeeze, your excellent analysis on up and coming stonks or your observations on the investing world, and everything that is wrong with it from our perspective. Let us know!